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Funny Xmas Holiday Tanks for Your Christmas in July Celebrations

Not sure if everyone has heard, because I certainly did not get the memo, but Christmas in July is a real. Some sort of pseudo holiday that many people know about and celebrate in some way or another every summer in July. I am not too sure what exactly people do to celebrate but either way my girlfriend said I should write a blog post and try and boost some sales of our Christmas shirt in the summer time. 

So, we went ahead and cranked out some tank top versions of our best selling Xmas tees and I put together this list of the 12 best tank tops to rock this summer during your Christmas in July festivities.

On the first day of Christmas (in July), my true love asked of me…

  1. Where My Ho’s At?

We bet you didn’t know Old Saint Nick was a playa, did you? Winter wonderland or hot summertime doesn’t matter. Rocking the Where My Ho’s At? tank top will get the lady’s sayin’ “ho, ho, ho” when you walk in the room!

 where my hos at tank tops funny christmas tank top shirt

On the second day of Christmas (in July), my true love wished to me…

  1. Merry Fucking Christmas

There’s no need to hold back with your Christmas greetings. Wish your friends and family holiday wishes with the Merry Fucking Christmas tank top at your next backyard barbecue or pool party. It’s never too early to spread some Christmas cheer!

 Merry Fucking Christmas Tank Top Offensive xmas tanks

On the third day of Christmas (in July), my true love said to me…

  1. Merry Christmas Bitches

Beer in hand. Barbecue sauce dripping down your chin. What could go better at a pool party this summer? Christmas greetings of course! Wish your friends Merry X-Mas with the Merry Christmas Bitches Tank Top and get Christmas in July started right!

 Merry Christmas Bitches Tank Top Funny Rude xmas party Tank Top

On the fourth day of Christmas (in July), my true love yelled at me…

  1. Don’t Stop Believin’

Childhood memories of Santa Claus and Christmas cheer don’t have to end when you “grow up” or when it’s 95 degrees outside! Rock the Don’t Stop Believin Tank Top and believe in Santa Claus forever and your summer time wishes will come true!

 Dont Stop Believin Tank Top Funny Santa Claus Tank Top Shirt

On the fifth day of Christmas (in July), my true love showed to me…

  1. Well Hung

Not everyone gets a gift on Christmas day, but you’re gifted all year long, so wearing our Well Hung tank top to the gym, pool party, beach, or barbecue will let the world know you’re, uh, blessed.

 Well Hung Tank Top Funny Santa Christmas Stocking Sexual Innuendo Tank Top Shirt

On the sixth day of Christmas (in July), my true love put me…

  1. On the Naughty List

As a kid, you always wanted to be on the “Nice List” so Santa would give you the gift you always wanted. But now that you’re an adult, it’s time to have some fun! Be a little bad wearing the On the Naughty List Tank Top whether you’re a guy or gal, you’re guaranteed to have a hot Christmas in July!

 On the Naughty List Tank Top Funny Santa Hat Christmas Party Tank Top Shirt

On the seventh day of Christmas (in July), my true love said I had…

  1. Santa Dad Bod

Beer belly or buff biceps don’t matter when you’re rocking The DadBod tank top at the beach or pool party. Santa doesn’t care how he looks when he’s delivering joy on Christmas and you shouldn’t either when you’re working on that six pack (beer or belly) in July – Merry Christmas!

 Santa Claus Dadbod Tank Top Funny Christmas Sleeveless Shirt

On the eighth day of Christmas (in July), my true love said to me…

  1. Ask Your Mom if I’m Real

Do you have that one friend who still doesn’t think Santa is real? Well, the next time you see them – make sure it’s in a public place like a pool party or barbecue – have this Ask Your Mom if I’m Real tank top and let them think about the error in their ways.

 Ask Your Mom if im Real Tank Top Funny Santa Claus yo momma joke innuendo sleeveless shirt

On the ninth day of Christmas (in July), my true love yelled to me…

  1. Santa Claus is Coming

You know the song. You’re probably singing it right now. Well, get your mind out of the gutter! This is a family holiday! Enjoy the summer heat in this tank top while letting people know “Santa Claus is Coming (That’s What She Said).”

 Santa Claus is Coming Tank Top Thats What She Said Funny Xmas Sleeveless Shirt

On the tenth day of Christmas (in July), my true love told me I had…

  1. Resting Grinch Face

Christmas in July should bring joy and happiness to everyone. Unless you hate the heat, humidity, bugs, and long days. If that’s the case, the Resting Grinch Face tank top will be perfect for you, but you better not try to steal our presents!

 Resting Grinch Face Tank Top Funny Christmas Party Sleeveless Shirt

On the eleventh day of Christmas (in July), my true love wished to me…

  1. Happy Alcoholidays

What a perfect time of the year to celebrate peace, love, and harmony – and drinking! We don’t know how you celebrate Christmas in July, but we love to have a nice cocktail in hand and a cool tank top on wishing our friends “Happy Alcoholidays”!

 Happy Alcoholidays Tank Top Funny Christmas Holiday Party Tank Top Shirt

On the twelfth day of Christmas (in July), my true love told me they were…

  1. Single & Ready to Jingle

Let the world know you’re “Single & Ready to Jingle” at the pool party or barbecue with this singles tank top. The Christmas lights and bright colors will definitely catch that special someone’s eye (we can’t guarantee they’ll like you, but they’ll LOVE the tank top!).

Single and Ready to jingle Tank Top Funny Christmas Tanks Singles Sleeveless Shirt

Now you are all set for your summer Christmas wardrobe and you also have a head start on the best Xmas party shirts for the holiday season not too far in the future.

Merry Christmas in July Jabronis!

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