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Whats up my fellow Jabronis! Its that crazy time of the week again where we put no effort into making a decision and choosing the featured tee of the week. The only thing we put less effort into is the blog post where we announce the weekly featured t-shirt. 

Now with Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner we found it pretty obvious that the shirt we were to choose this week should be a funny st paddys day t-shirt. And the Go Luck Yourself shirt from AF Tees is by far kind of maybe one of my favorite shirts.

funny st patricks day shirts

This hilarious Green Irish St Pattys Holiday Celebration Tshirt is freaking amazing and will score you a hot red head or more than likely a slap in the face and/or kick in the balls. Come on, really? A sweet shirt can;t make up for your shitty personality or your lack of general communication skills with the opposite sex. But you will get a ton of laughs and compliments rocking this sweet Ireland 4 leaf clover shamrock Go luck yourself funny pun tee.

funny st paddys day t-shirt womens

There is still time to order and get your tee in time for the big green holiday. So, we are offering a 50% discount for a limited time only. To get the discount, when you are prompted during the checkout process, just enter the code:


Then sit back and relax for a few days while our leprechauns fly to your house on their magical unicorns. And when they get to your apartment made of mediocrity this st patricks day party shirt will immediately add at least 10 hotness points and 13 badassness points. So, you just might actually get to second base with a midget stripper. 

best st paddys day party tank top - college frat bro green beer drinking tank

Tell us what your favorite st pa ttys day tee is in the comments and tag, tweet, or send us your best st patricks day party pics rocking any of our awesome Irish Holiday t-shirts for a special gift for free!

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