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You read that right! The now Ex New England Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady, has surprised everyone not only be deciding to leave the Patriots but to take his winning skills and leadership to Tampa Bay. As a Tampa Bay Area native, I have been rooting for the Bucs since I was a little jabroni in short pants and personally I am extremely excited to see what he brings to the team! I'm pretty sure all the other Buccaneer fans share the same feeling.

To celebrate, I have forced our graphic designers to make some Tom Brady Buccaneer gear for all the Tampa Bay and Brady fans to rock in anticipation of his official start as QB for the bucs this fall when the NFL season begins.

Check out the bad ass Tom Brady Bucs T-Shirts below:

Starting off we have a classic and simple Tom Brady Sketch rocking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform and sporting the number 12 Jersey but in some new colors for the first time in a long time.

#12 Bucs Quarterback Tom Brady T-Shirt

Next, we spice things up a little bit by re-vamping the classic Bucs pirate logo and changing the face to Tom Brady!

Old School Buccaneers Pirate Logo Tom Brady Edition Shirt

If you are an old school bucs fan you will remember the name of the old Tampa Bay stadium, The Big Sombrero. Well to welcome the new quarterback #12 Tom Brady to his new home we paid homage to the old and the new. With a little word play we came up with The Big Tombrero design showing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium along with this funny Brady/Bucs mashup text!

The Big Tombrero T-Shirt

And to wrap up this post(but not a wrap on all of our Brady/Buccaneer Tees - There are plenty more!) we had to make at least one vulgar in your face cover your childrens eyes profane zero fucks given inappropriate IDGAF(okay thats enough...well maybe a couple more) rude sarcastic offensive t-shirt lol so with that here is the Tom Fucking Brady Tee!

Check out the full collection of our Tom Brady Welcome to Tampa Bay T-Shirts at the link below:

For a limited time grab one of these limited edition shirts for a surprise discount using the code "TomBradyBucs"

And for all you sports fans out there we have a bunch more hilarious and awesome sports / football tees and tanks!

Send us or tweet us your pictures rocking any of our shirts to be featured.


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